Sara in the News

  • Profile in Next Pittsburgh | Next Pittsburgh (Jan 15, 2017) - "It's inspiring to share the work of native Pittsburgher Sara Innamorato, who is deeply invested helping to make the city a more livable place for all."


  • Meet the Four Women Breaking the Glass Ceiling | The Incline  (May 24, 2017) - "She Runs Southwestern Pennsylvania is a new organization focused on connecting female candidates to each other and to resources they need, said one of the founders, Sara Innamorato"


  • How Can I Support the Paris Agreement? | (June 9, 2017) - "She says the first step is just knowing who your representatives are at the local and state level — and where they stand on policies that affect the environment and climate. For example: The League of Conservation Voters tracks votes in the Pennsylvania state house that deal with the environment and public health — and they’re not, Innamorato notes, always along party lines, so it’s important to know who’s voting for what."