Healthcare for All

Pennsylvania is primed to be a state leader by guaranteeing comprehensive, universal healthcare for ALL Pennsylvanians by passing Medicare-for-All legislation that will save us money, create jobs, and save lives. This bill will ensure the elderly are protected, those that lose their jobs will not go without care, and spirited entrepreneurs will be free to build their businesses without fear of a diagnosis setting them back. A universal, single-payer system in Pennsylvania will: Provide all residents with high-quality care, including dental, vision, prescription drugs, physical and occupational therapy, and mental health services without co-pays, premiums and deductibles. Opioid addiction and overdose deaths are soaring across our country, and it is hurting our neighbors and family members right here in our district. This system will treat those suffering from a substance abuse addiction with humane, affordable, and accessible medical care, not a jail sentence. By streamlining the current systems, reducing insurance administrative costs, and removing the profiteering of private insurance shareholders, a Pennsylvania Single Payer system would actual decrease the financial burden of health care for PA residents

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